Variable speed drive ATV320, 5,5kW, 380...500V, 3 phase, book. range of product: Altivar Machine ATV320 - product or component type: variable speed drive - device short name: ATV320 - format of the drive: book - product destination: asynchronous motors, synchronous motors - EMC filter: Class C2 EMC filter integrated - type of cooling: fan - network number of phases: 3 phases - line current: 20.7 A at 380 V for heavy duty, 14.5 A at 500 V for heavy duty - prospective line Isc: 22 kA - asynchronous motor control profile: flux vector control without sensor - Energy Saving, voltage/frequency ratio, 2 points, flux vector control without sensor, standard, voltage/frequency ratio - Energy Saving, quadratic U/f, voltage/frequency ratio, 5 points - speed drive output frequency: 0.1...599 Hz - nominal switching frequency: 4 kHz - switching frequency: 4...16 kHz with current derating, 2...16 kHz adjustable - safety function: GDL (guard door locking), SLS (safe limited speed), SMS (safe maximum speed), SS1 (safe stop 1), STO (safe torque off) SIL 3 - communication port protocol: CANopen, Modbus - option card: communication module: EtherCAT RJ45, communication module: Profibus DP V1, communication module: CANopen SUB-D 9, communication module: Profinet, communication module: DeviceNet, communication module: Ethernet/IP, communication module: CANopen daisy chain RJ45, communication module: CANopen open style terminal block, communication module: Ethernet Powerlink. Benefits: .. Applications: .. Benefits: .. Applications: ..

Product Attributes

4-quadrant operation possible Yes
Application in domestic- and commercial area permitted Yes
Application in industrial area permitted Yes
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Depth 232 mm
Height 232 mm
Integrated breaking resistance No
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Mains voltage 380 V
Max. output at linear load at rated output voltage 5.5 kW
Max. output at quadratic load at rated output voltage 0 kW
Max. output frequency 599 Hz
Max. output voltage 500 V
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485 1
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet 1
Number of HW-interfaces other 1
Number of phases input 3
Number of phases output 3
Rated output current I2N 14.3 A
Relative symmetric net current tolerance 10 %
Relative symmetric net frequency tolerance 5 %
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work No
Supporting protocol for ASI No
Supporting protocol for CAN Yes
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway No
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Yes
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety No
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP Yes
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus No
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS No
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety No
Supporting protocol for KNX No
Supporting protocol for LON No
Supporting protocol for MODBUS Yes
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS Yes
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA No
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO Yes
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe No
Supporting protocol for SERCOS No
Supporting protocol for SUCONET No
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p No
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP No
Supporting protocol for other bus systems Yes
Type of converter Other
Width 150 mm
With PC connection Yes
With control unit Yes
With optical interface No
UOM Each
Category Frequency Converter
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