Daylight switches based on photoconductive, cadmium sulphide (CdS) cells offer stable, long life operation. Two sub-types are available: M Series Cell (with surge protection), LC208-277 (economical type). The M Series features a ceramic substrate forms the base for the CdS. Visible on the surface of this substrate is a complicated electrode pattern with cold-welded cell terminal connections. This design is employed to prevent changes in cell resistivity from causing oxidization which will in turn contribute to photo-control drift. The entire cell, including the terminal post connections, is then coated with a non discolouring, UV resistant clear layer. This organic-based, semiconductor compatible coating provides additional protection from humidity, condensation and airborne contaminants. The unit is also fitted with a metal oxide resistor (MOV) designed to effectively clamp voltage surges that may otherwise damage the unit. The LC208-277 daylight switch is a more economical cadmium sulphide cell which is designed to be fitted with the universally used NEMA base. It is suitable for general use for electrical loads up to 1800VA.

Product Attributes

Diameter 76 mm
Height 54 mm
Material High impact Noryl housing with UV Inhibited Acrylic integral window
Max. switching power 1800 V·A
Rated switch current 10 A
Rated voltage 185 V
Type Without surge arrestor
UOM Each
Category Utility Lighting
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