Conergy PowerPlus Modules receive top marks at worldwide first Large Hailstone Test

The module remains intact – even when pelted with billiard ball size hailstones at an impact speed of 120km/h

  • Unscathed: The Conergy PowerPlus module in test runs of Institute Cetecom ICT Services
  • Withstands giant hailstones with a diameter of 55mm at impact speeds of over 120km/h.
  • Conergy PowerPlus Series: Currently the only module series with large hailstone certification in the world.

Hamburg, 16th December 2010:

The Conergy PowerPlus module had already created a stir with outstanding results in the ammonia and salt fog tests, as well as with its superior load capacity of 5,400 Pascal – the equivalent of 11 people standing on top of it. A newly devised large hailstones test of the Institute Cetecom ICT Services further highlights the top quality of the premium module of Hamburg-based Conergy AG. The test did not just entail a bombardment of the modules in eleven different locations with 25 mm diameter hailstones at impact speeds of 82.8 km/h, as outlined in Standard IEC 61215 Ed. 2 – these tests went a lot further with hailstones of over twice the diameter at much higher impact speeds.

The Result: Conergy PowerPlus modules were able to withstand 55 mm diameter hailstones – the size of billiard balls. These impacted the modules at 122 km/h – comparable with the speed at which an average car would travel on the motorway.

The impact force is thereby around 23 times stronger compared to the standard test conditions – a true test of stamina for the module.

The result: Conergy PowerPlus modules survive these mechanical stresses unscathed. This was the result of the examinations according to IEC 61215: optical control, output and isolation measurement. “We were not able to find any effects at the examinations of the modules”, comments Wilfried Latz, Head of the photovoltaics laboratory at Cetecom ICT Services GmbH.

See the video of the Impact Test

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Australian Hail Storms Cause Billions in Damage in 2010

Hail storms are seen as the highest potential damage risk in nature – in March 2010 alone two separate hail storms were responsible for causing over $2 Billion damage, with hailstones up to 5cm falling across Melbourne (Annual Australian Climate Statement 2010). Given the ferocity of such storms seen frequently in Australia, consideration to hailstone certified solar modules from Lear & Smith Electrical Wholesalers is paramount.

“Our PowerPlus has once again proven its premium class, and will give customers peace of mind when deploying their very own solar plant in areas prone to severe hail storms”, explains Conergy module expert Oliver Boehres. “Safety and load bearing capacity take first priority for us. That is why our modules are manufactured with only the very best materials. Our 3.2 mm PowerPlus solar glass is significantly more light-weight, but without the usual drawbacks in mechanical stability – the results of the recent hail test series speak for themselves.” In addition to the premium quality glass, the frame construction has also played an important part in the excellent results of the Conergy module tests; after all: the frame must withstand the brunt of the impact energy produced by the hailstones. At this time, the Conergy PowerPlus series is the only one in the world with large hailstone certification, just another in a long line of quality certifications awarded for the premium quality module manufactured in Frankfurt (Oder).

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